A Ghoulish Mare of General Meetings

blog-2_v1As October draws to a close and everyone has a good rummage around for their scariest Halloween costume, I don’t feel like I necessarily need to add another layer of spookiness to what has already been quite a surreal month. For a sampling of spine-tingling events, we only have to look towards the recent rise in nationalism and xenophobia throughout Europe, the chilling prospect of the Trump in the White House, as well as the latest climate research which confirms we are all collectively hurtling towards calamity. I mean, how much more hair-raising does it get? Well, there’s always that fearsome feeling that you’ve got more AGMs to go to than there are haunted places in Scotland.

I don’t think there has ever before been a time when I had 6 AGMs in the diary, all scheduled for the same month. Continue reading “A Ghoulish Mare of General Meetings”