You are a European


I am an immigrant.

Here for love – not for money.

In work – and precariously renting.

Paying taxes and NICs –

yet waiting weeks to be seen by my GP.

I have a stake in this, but no voice.

A story not unlike yours,

were you to fall in love with another national

…and another country.

Choosing where to live,

a freedom for you, your kids, your friends to enjoy;

it’s your life, so it should be your choice.

Let’s remember our shared humanity

regardless of borders.

We have more in common

than that which divides us.

More than an empty phrase.

It’s up to us to fill it with life.

I am a European.

You are a European.

…and ACTION!

vor der morgenröte©

So the reason why I am foregoing the international jet-setting interpreting career I was so clearly destined to have is also the exact same reason why instead of strutting my stuff on the red carpet in Berlin a few days ago, I was at home eating beans on toast like any other self-respecting Bristol denizen on a Monday night. If there is going to be a techno fix for global warming, as they keep telling us, then when are they going to invent teleporting as a low-carbon way of getting around, is what I want to know?! Anyway, due to a distinct lack of teleporting technology, I did not attend the premiere of “Vor der Morgenröte” (Before Dawn), a German cinema film production about the Austrian writer Stefan Zweig, which will see my humble visage projected onto the big screen in a minor role as an English interpreter before the week is out. Continue reading “…and ACTION!”