Translation, Interpreting and Terminology Management Services
based on a German Postgraduate Degree in Translation and Interpreting, 10 years of experience as a translator (freelance and in-house), a qualification in Sustainable Development Cooperation and a personal passion for environmental and social justice, permaculture and outdoor experiences.

Consultancy Services, incl. Editing/Copywriting, Project Management and Marketing
(grassroots level)
based on experience working on projects for the Landworkers’ Alliance, involvement in the permaculture-based educational organisation Shift Bristol, skills in facilitating groups and workshops, and an eagle eye for detail.

Based in Bristol (UK), I specialise in international law, human rights, environmental and social justice issues and legislation, agroecology, permaculture and EU policies.

My languages are German, English and Spanish.

I am an associate member of the UK-based Institute of Translation and Interpreting, a fully qualified member of the German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ) and part of the Interpreters’ Cooperative RICOL. When it comes to translation processes, I am as familiar with the project management side of things as I am with using translation tools and terminology databases.

My experience working as a freelance translator is complemented by skills in the fields of renewable energy, human rights, agroecology and sustainable development and systems design. These were gained through a number of theoretical and practical courses as well as hands-on community involvement and a one-year in-house translation position with Amnesty International. And by being someone who believes that resilient systems and low-impact living are simply the only way forward.

In the past five years, I have also worked for the Bristol Zero Tolerance initiative on women’s rights, been contracted to help manage specific Landworkers’ Alliance projects, got my hands dirty by volunteering on organic farms (including my local community-supported agriculture scheme) and volunteered for Amnesty UK as a Regional Media Support Officer for the South of England. Currently I am keeping busy tending my allotment, doing volunteer work for the Stop Ecocide campaign and the Landworkers’ Alliance, and building on what I learned about permaculture design and community engagement on the Practical Sustainability Course with Shift Bristol in 2016/17.

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If you are looking for a qualified translator or interpreter for another language pair or specialism who is local to Bristol, you might want to have a browse in the directory of the ITI WRG, our local ITI-affiliated translators’ group.

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