With a German Postgraduate Degree in Translation and Interpreting, 10 years of experience as a translator (freelance and in-house) and a passion for environmental and social justice, human rights and the outdoors, I offer personable and high-quality translation, interpreting and terminology consultancy services.

Based in Bristol (UK), I specialise in international law, human rights, environmental and social justice issues, low-impact living/travel, permaculture and EU policies.

My languages are German, English and Spanish.

I am an associate member of the UK-based Institute of Translation and Interpreting, a fully qualified member of the German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ) and part of the Interpreters’ Cooperative RICOL. When it comes to translation processes, I am as familiar with the project management side of things as I am with using translation tools and terminology databases.

My experience of working as a freelancer is complemented by some extra knowledge and skills in the fields of renewable energy, sustainable development and human rights, gained through a number of theoretical and practical courses as well as a one-year in-house translation position with Amnesty International. Oh, and by being an activist and environmentalist who thinks that resilient systems and low-impact living are just plain common sense.

Apart from my freelance translation work, I have worked for the Bristol Zero Tolerance initiative on women’s rights and volunteered for Amnesty UK as a Regional Media Support Officer for the South of England. Currently I am keeping busy tending my allotment, doing volunteer work for Mission Lifeforce and the Landworkers’ Alliance, and trying to put into practice what I learned about permaculture design and community engagement on the Practical Sustainability Course with Shift Bristol in 2016/17.

So… if you are an organisation working on environmental, social justice or human rights issues, I am particularly keen to hear from you. Whether you would like your website translated, need simultaneous interpretation for your next conference, or are looking for anything in between – get in touch and I will see how I can help!

If you are looking for a qualified translator or interpreter for another language pair or specialism who is local to Bristol, you might want to have a browse in the directory of the ITI WRG, our local ITI-affiliated translators’ group.

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